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Welcome to Cradle Your Soul
Cradle Your Soul is currently closed. Please stay in touch for further news with Cradle Your Soul Yoga and Massage. 


At Cradle Your Soul Yoga and Massage our governing principles are POWER, WISDOM, TRIBE:  Power to take action towards your highest good, Wisdom to listen to your inner voice, and Tribe in the community creating a space of connection and belonging. 

It is important for each person to proactively take care of their body to prevent injuries and future illnesses.  With the average Americans hectic and stressful life we feel it valuable to create a space, through Yoga and Massage Therapy, where our clients can release stress and physical pain as well as feed their bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We focus on empowering our clients to have the inner strength and courage to create the life they strive for and deserve. 

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