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Holotropic Breathwork

This will be your favorite practice from now on. During 2 hours every person will experience a magnificent session where our breath will lead a powerful energy movement inside and outside your body, helping to remove stagnant feelings and suppressed emotions that are ready to be released. During the session, we are working with our breath-building momentum to help our brain reach a hypnotic theta trance state, where you will flow through a beautiful meditation and a very relaxed and peaceful zen state.

Every first and third Friday and Sunday of each month!

Early Bird Pricing $33

Day of Pricing $44

Why Holotropic Breathwork?

Your body remembers what the mind forgets, it holds all of the memories. Working with the body to help move stored trauma, through a practice like breathwork, you can let go of stored negative energies and achieve physical and emotional healing.

What to Bring?

- Crystals, malas and stones are great companions for grounding during release and meditation.
- Bringing your journal will help you to remember better what you experienced during the session so next session you can set your intention and focus on what emotions you need to work.
- A bottle of water to hydrate after the session.

People Who Should Not Take a Class.

- Pregnant woman over 3 months.
- People under 16 years old
- People taking sedatives, micro-dosing THC, Psilocybin, or any natural medicine prescribed for relaxation 24 hours before class.
- People under the influence of Alcohol.
- People with hard Asthma conditions or having a flu/cold episode.

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