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Cradle Your Soul
Massage Therapist Apprentice Program



By joining the Cradle Your Soul Massage Therapy Apprentice Program you will receive quality training from successful and experienced massage therapists at an affordable cost. 

Become A Licensed Massage Therapist In One Year!

In our American culture, the demands of our lifestyles are increasing in stress causing anxiety, depression, and many other illnesses. The massage industry is constantly growing and in need of gifted massage therapists to help counterbalance our stressful lives. As LMT's (Licensed Massage Therapists) we are blessed with the opportunity to serve our fellow beings by using our massage skills to help the client's bodies heal. 

If you are feeling the call to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, to make money doing something that you are passionate about, to not only work but to feel fulfilled by helping other people, then this program is the next step for you to claim the life you truly deserve.


Benefits of an Apprenticeship

  • 1000 hr program completed in 1 year

  • Individualized training customized to your needs

  • Training can be done at your own pace

  • Begin giving massage after 5 weeks of training

  • Tuition is considerably less than a massage school

  • Build a clientele during your training

  • Work alongside experienced LMT's

  • Friendly coworkers and staff

  • Learn from a variety of therapists

  • Most supplies provided by Cradle Your Soul

About The Apprentice Program

  • 310 hours of hands-on instruction

  • 300 hours of clinical services

  • 125 hours of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology

  • 120 hours of technique

  • 50 hours of massage theory

  • 40 hours of pathology

  • 40 hours of ethics and business

  • 15 hours of sanitation, CPR & 1st aid


Tuition Option 1: 

$9,500 Paid in full at the beginning of training

Tuition Option 2: $12,000

$2,000 Enrollment Fee is due at the beginning of the program with the following options:


  1. Two monthly payments of $1,000 the remaining $10,000 are paid by giving massage therapy at CYS.

  2. Four monthly payments of $500, the remaining $10,000 are paid by giving massage therapy at CYS.

  3. Six monthly payments of $333, the remaining $10,000 are paid by giving massage therapy at CYS.

$2,000 Enrollment Fee Pays For:

$150 Non-Refundable Application Fee 

$250 Curriculum Fee

$100 Cadaver Lab

$250 Required Books, CYS Manual, etc.

$1,250 Administrative Costs

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Other Fees Not Included

$65 Apprenticeship fee to Utah State at (Paid to DOPL)

About The Lead Therapist

Carly has been practicing the art of massage therapy since her schooling at Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1994. She has worked at several massage businesses, chiropractic offices, as a lead therapist and trainer at a local day spa, and currently owns her own massage business, Cradle Your Soul. Carly is the founder and lead yoga teacher of Yoga Alliance certified Cradle Your Soul Yoga Teacher Training.


Her best qualities as an LMT are her ability to connect with her clients and give them the experience they are seeking. Whether it's to relax and restore, to give pain relief, or mental, emotional, or spiritual support, Carly's clients are left feeling lighter, healthier, and more loved.


Carly is passionate about teaching others how to live a more wholehearted and fulfilled life. One of her favorite quotes is "Be the change you'd like to see" and exemplifies this by teaching others through her two passions of yoga and massage.

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Back Massage



Carly is awesome. I appreciate what she knows about the body and how to help. Anyone who can help relieve my pain is important in my life. I recommend Carly all of the time.


Carly is the best! Understands what massage is best for me and provides great advice.


Carly is an exceptionally skilled massage therapist. Very intuitive and sensitive in her approach.

Steps to get started:

  1. Fill out the form below to apply to our program. We will contact you once the form is submitted. 

  2. Apply with DOPL (The program is overseen by DOPL, department of professional licensing). Pay $65 payment to DOPL. Give your fingerprints.​​

  3. Purchase your curriculum.

  4. Enjoy enhancing your life through learning!

Below are resources for you to understand what is required by you to comply with DOPL:

Utah Department of Professional Licensing Massage Therapy information page

Massage law and apprentice requirements listed on Utah’s Department of Professional Licensing


If you would like to join our waitlist please fill out the form below. 
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