Carly Warner

I have found healing in my life from the benefits of Yoga and Massage Therapy.  After running for several years I started to develop a sciatic nerve and piriformis issue that made it almost impossible to run.  Through a dedicated yoga practice and receiving massage therapy every two weeks I have been able to start running again in small distances.  I am grateful for the healing that I have received from yoga and massage on all levels of mind, body, and spirit.  I find great joy and satisfaction from providing the same service to my clients and friends as well as a space of peace, greater awareness, and the opportunities for people in our community to create healing.   


My Personal Mission:

Through divinity and inspiration I empower all to create balance, transformation, healing and spiritual peace. 

Mekayla Warner
Co Owner/Studio Manager

I have enjoyed working in customer service for 9 years and being in management for 6. I love working with people, so the communication I get to have and the relationships I build every day with our clients and students is what makes me love my job. 

I feel very fortunate to be able to work with my mom who is not only my partner at work but one of my best friends.

When I am not at the studio I am with my friends or family hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, traveling, or finding something new to try. 

I know that when you step into Cradle Your Soul you will feel comfortable, accepted, and peace.

Love and Light to all.


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Rachelle Rogers

I work at Cradle Your Soul to enrich my life physically, mentally and, spiritually. I also hope to enrich the lives of the clients while working here. I have worked in different types of customer service for over 13 years, and have always loved interacting with people. I have practiced yoga on and off for over 10 years. I am compassionate and full of love for all living things. I am a stay at home wife and dog mom to my smile-makers: my amazing husband, and my two wonderful Pomeranians. In my free time, my favorite things are to bake and cook for all the people I love and adore. 

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Keelan Ramos

Hi, I’m Keelan! I am a Utah Native, I was born and raised in Herriman. I moved to Salt Lake City to study at the University of Utah 5 years ago. My major is in Gender Studies with a minor in Ethnic Studies. I am certified in teaching 7 different styles of yoga and expecting to finish my yoga therapy certification. I am passionate about my self-care and spirituality. I love to express my self creatively and venture into the outdoors as often as I can. 

Bailee Jessop

I am a creative person with a positive view on life. I appreciate the beauty of nature and the art of energy. I am an outdoor enthusiast; snowboarding, camping, hiking, etc. - the mountains are my favorite place to be! I plan to travel a lot and see the world. 

Currently, I am pursuing an undergrad degree in Journalism & Media Studies at Salt Lake Community College. 


Lauren believes awareness of the first step to healing and utilizes her knowledge to facilitate this process. Through reading the body and thoughtful communication she has holistic approach to help her clients reach their goals. Combined with over 1000 hours of clinical education, she provides a relaxing yet effective massage, hiding trigger point therapy, and deep tissue techniques within a Swedish style flow. She has continuing education in Ashiatsu and RockTape cupping. Her speciality is the shoulder joint and post-surgery rehab but also loves providing AromaTouch. 

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I graduated  massage in 2009. Started practicing massage in February 2010.  I critique every session to the clients preference that they are looking for that day. I do a range of modalities including, deep tissue, trigger point,  pregnancy, and Swedish. I have now been practicing for 7 years. My favorite part about massage is having a client walk out saying the pain is gone thank you. Book with me, and I will do my best to help you become pain-free.

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I became a Massage Therapist because of my love for massage. I started getting body work while I was still in high school, and I realized how much it decreased my stress and made me feel better. It wasn’t until years later after I had my second child that I realized I wanted to go to school for massage therapy. I graduated from UCMT in 2013, and quickly got a job doing what I love and I’ve been working consistently ever since! I am a very compassionate and sympathetic person and I love helping people feel better. When I’m not working I am spending time with my world; my husband of 15 years and my two kids. I love animals, being outdoors, the beach, traveling, and eating delicious food.



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I grew up experiencing the benefits of massage therapy and loved every second of it. I went through a 200 hr yoga teacher training in 2016 and love seeing the benefits that yoga brings to my students. I graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy and love being able to serve people through massage. I specialize in deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and cranial sacral therapy. I love doing specific work to help clients transition through injury. Through personal experience I know that massage can help with stress management, anxiety, and sleep disorders. I approach every massage with compassion, service, and healing in mind. Working with the body to heal the individual is my goal as a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher.

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Creating holistic healing for my clients is what drew me to massage therapy, yoga and Ayurveda. As a Myotherapy Massage College graduate and licensed massage therapist I use many modalities including Thai Massage, Swedish, Injury Recovery and Reflexology to assist the body in healing itself. I am a 500 hour trained yoga instructor teaching for the past decade power flow, vinyasa, restorative and gentle beginner yoga. Finally, as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor I am able to guide lifestyle changes by assisting you in aligning your choices and habits with nature and your dosha to give lasting wellness. Combining the healing that comes with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga and massage your body and soul are in the best environment for lasting healing.  


Heather J Johnson, 500 RYT, LMT, AHC

I am the happiest when helping others and learning.  I have always been intrigued with how our body systems compliment and support each other in the human body and the part nutrition plays in and keeping our bodies healthy.  They are an amazing gift.  The therapeutic and physical benefits of massage assist our bodies in healing and being whole. Along with Massage, I am a licensed Foot Zone Practitioner since 2013. I feel Foot Zoning and Massage are a great combination.  Besides a general relaxation massage, I love working on the back and neck as well as using various types of massage to help the body release and heal. I enjoy Thai massage, Lymph drainage, and acupressure and like to incorporate them into my massages.

I've always had a passion for assisting others through their healing process whether is recovery from injury, pre or post events, or simply just taking time out for self care. I have been practicing massage therapy for ten years and have a fondness for working with all different populations. I enjoy blending techniques from many different styles of bodywork in order to help my guests achieve their goals for their session. I love the art of Ashiatsu therapy as well as other styles that focus on muscle recovery and overall health and wellness. I think it is very important to practice self care and mindfulness and I believe massage therapy is a great way to not just a great way to take care of muscle health and skin health, but mental health as well.

My name is Heidi Jessop. I have been a licensed Massage Therapist for (4) years. My greatest joy is making my clients feel amazing. I love providing a place for people to relax and forget their worries.


I believe human touch is a necessary component to a healthy lifestyle.


Being a yogi, and living this type of lifestyle, I am very blessed to be-able to work in a wonderful space as CYS. Because of my mindful and conscious living style, I intuitively “feel” what my clients body is in need of.


I really hope to see you on my table very soon. I am here to assist in giving your body just what it needs.

Tanisha is a passionate Yogi and Massage therapist, who really cares about the body, health, and wellbeing of others. She feels her soul purpose on this earth is to help others feel embodied and harmonious within themselves. She is studying to become a personal trainer in order to give her clients a well-rounded, one-stop-shop, body tune-up. She has made it a priority to learn as much as possible about the human body and different approaches to reach homeostasis. Her massage modalities include Structural Integration at Soma Institute, Thai Massage in Thailand, Lomi Lomi in Hawaii, Manuel Lymphatic Drainage, and Ashiatsu. She enjoys being creative and believes in listening to the body to create the best massage to fit your body type. She loves to add cupping, hot rocks, essential oils, and energy work into her sessions. She makes every effort into figuring out what your body needs and how you and she can proceed with fulfilling those needs by setting up a massage plan that’s contoured specifically for you. Tanisha wants you to know that you are beautiful and that you deserve to feel good and comfortable in the body you are in! In this life, our body is a gift. When we are harmonious our body and the brain have clear communication. I believe that is achievable through yoga and bodywork. Let us alchemize and give our bodies some love!






Kathy Hollingsworth

 Kathy is known for her authenticity and compassion on and off the mat. Kathy incorporates her knowledge and passion for yoga as she guides and supports you on your journey to rediscovering the most peaceful, healthy version of yourself. Kathy's classes are purposeful, playful, motivational and inspiring.

Denise Christian

Denise Christian has 4 children, 1 wild puppy,  and has been happily married for 18 years.  She lives in Bluffdale, Utah and loves hiking, going on long walks, thrift shopping, girlfriend time,  and playing sports. Denise has a passion for nutrition and has been teaching classes on holistic living and organic beauty for the last 10 years. She loves to lift weights, especially with Cross Fit. She believes that Yoga is the perfect balance to life and has been a saving grace for her as she is learning. Denise wants her classes to be fun, restorative, and also make you sweat a little. 

Nicole Carlson

Ganga Devi started her yoga journey in 2007 when she wanted to have fun while exercising. Little did she know that she would find a New life greater than her wildest dreams.. filled with Joy Love and Peace understanding and knowledge to live life adapt grow and continue to rise. 

She offers 7 different types of Yoga Private Lessons, Gem Stone Therapy, Ayurvedic Massage and Assisted Stretching. Click on the link below to see more about her private lesson options.


SPIYS 200 Registered Yoga Teacher

SPIYS 500 Registered Yoga Therapy Awards

2013 USA Women's Artistic Yoga Champion

2013 USA Rhythmic Artistic Champion

Tiffanie Dansie

My yoga journey began over 10 years ago in Geneva, Switzerland, while I was working for the World Health Organization, when a friend and colleague invited me to join a yoga class she was teaching during lunch. I was hooked! I knew this was what my body needed and my body loved it! 

A few years into practicing, I started toying with the idea of becoming certified to be a yoga teacher. Five years later, and half a world away, it finally happened, while I was living in Colombia. 

In 2012 I certified as a Holistic Health Coach through IIN, which encompassed everything I believed about health and wellness needing to be integrated through the emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical aspects of our being. Since then, I have continued to study and learn many tools that a I now include in my physical, mental, and emotional wellness toolbox, including; The Emotional Journey, Louise Hay's Heal your Life, Reiki, IDEAL Life Innergy and The Child Validation Process, as well as Yoga.

I am thrilled to be teaching yoga once again and look forward to opportunities to share many of the things I have learned along the way, and most particularly to help others succeed in their desire for total health and wellness.

Melanie Stanley

Melanie’s yoga journey began about five years ago. One day she decided to take a yoga class instead of hopping on an elliptical. After that first class, she knew yoga would be a part of her life forever. Melanie connected to yoga immediately, completely, with her mind body and spirit. Two months later she was lying in savasana, feeling amazing and compelled to share that feeling with others. Teaching yoga is her dream. Melanie has a passion for yoga, based around compassion. She believes, listening to your body and having kindness for oneself is the key. Melanie believes if you take care of yourself, physically and mentally, you have more to give to others. Melanie also believes you are never too old to start a new journey. Melanie has completed her 200 hour yoga certification and holds 100 hour Dharana  Method mediation and CPR/ AED certifications. Melanie loves to try any style of yoga, from the lighthearted Glow Yoga and Goat Yoga to Kundalini, Restorative, Ashtanga, and Hot Yoga. When Melanie’s not on her yoga mat, she is spending time reading, traveling with her husband, talking to her two adult sons or cuddling with her three dogs. 

Shandy Clark

Shandy Clark is a 500RYT yoga instructor. She started her yoga journey her freshman year of college and found a passion inside of yoga. She wanted to make a positive impact on others; the same her trainers have done for her. 

Shandy believes that anyone can do yoga. Using alignment and fun flows that uses the pace of your own breath with movement. In her classes, you will find your own edge on the mat through various options integrated; truly making it your own practice. 

Alisha Blackmore

Alisha fell in love with her yoga practice 9 years ago and immersed herself in the study of yoga. Having experienced the benefits of yoga on and off the mat, she feels heartfelt gratitude for sharing and facilitating a practice for every BODY. Yoga has inspired Alisha to embrace vulnerability, soul connection, and feel a deeper love for humanity as she aspires to stimulate spirit, inner truth, and light within those around her. 


She studied Business Management at UVU and is close to finishing her RYT 500. As an RYT 200, she has a desire to deepen her education with continued training, workshops, and svadhyaya (self-study). Alisha has a vision to aid in awakening the energetic connection within others through safe biomechanics, healing, and a connected practice to open hearts, bridge body, mind, and soul, and increase mobility, self-care, and development. Her goal is for each student to leave class feeling peace, balance, present, and a deeper connection to self with an inspiration to take yoga off the mat and into everyday living. Alisha teaches yoga with the belief our world inherently enhances with every awakening to wholehearted living, balanced health, and embracing our own inner teacher. 

Terra Davis

My yoga journey began while I was pregnant with my youngest son.  I intended that yoga to help make pregnancy more comfortable, easier for me. I came away finding deeper connection with my own body and with the world around me.  My personal practice has evolved from the vigorous power yoga to a more balanced approach, searching for the alignment that creates length and ease, supporting the developing strength yoga poses offer.  I have obtained both the 200 and 500-hour RYT certificates and have been teaching for about 10 years.  I have devoted the last 4 years to teaching yoga at a high school; balancing their energy and my love of yoga has been a great challenge.  I honor each person’s individual approach to yoga and life as we work within the confines of a yoga mat, a block, a blanket, a strap, searching for the sweet spot of ease and steadiness in everything.

Amber Allen

Amber discovered her passion for yoga around five years ago. Starting with one class a week, she gradually began taking more until she was practicing once or twice a day. She made the decision to teach yoga almost two years ago, becoming an Anusara Elements instructor with 200 hours. Anusara is an alignment-based hatha practice, and it is designed to align the heart, mind and body. Along with Anusara yoga, Amber teaches chair yoga in a senior center. She is married to a wonderful tech guy and has two great kids. Disneyland is her jam!

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