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How it works:

All appointments are 2 hours long. They usually will be 90 min of treatment and 30 min consultation. 

These are done in a series, for best results it is recommended to stay consistent and book out your entire series at once. You can do bi-weekly or once a month.

3 for $444 ($148 each)

7 for $994 ($142 each)

11 for $1331 ($121 each)

Structural Massage

SOMA Structural Integration® is a myofascial organizing treatment performed on your connective tissue, muscles, joints, and bones, by applying specific depth, and directionality to advance the client toward optimal efficiency functioning in time and space. Unlike traditional forms of massage SOMA’s primary focus is working with the connective tissue. This tissue facilitates movement in the body, organizes structure, supports nervous and circulatory system functions.


Structural integration helps reorganize and reeducate the fascia, or connective tissues within the body to release chronic pain, align structural imbalance, mobilize energy, and enhance the body’s relationship to gravity by supporting suspension mechanics. It has its origins in the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf (Rolfing), 10 session series.  Structural otherwise known as Neuromuscular Integration can be done as a stand-alone session or for long-lasting optimal results in the 10 session series, where each session targets a specific part of the body. Leaving time in the end for re-posterizing exercises and body mechanics.

Soma is an interactive and clothed form or bodywork (boxers, swimsuits, biker shorts tube top) Allowing the client to get on and off the table throughout the session. This modality asks for presence, participation, and awareness. NOT YOUR TYPICAL FORM OF BODYWORK

SOMA works for:


Body mechanics

*  Pain—Injuries, traumas, and chronic over-use issues such as sport and car accidents, low back and knee pain, spinal injuries, carpal tunnel, broken bones, and painful joints

*  Rehabilitation—Pre and post-operation recovery, increasing range-of-motion, decreasing inflammation, improving or transforming movement patterns

*  Symptomatic conditions & ailments—Asthma, depression, repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel, low energy, poor posture or breathing, fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD

*  Enhancement—Athletic optimization, life transitions, revealing and releasing old habitual patterns, increasing body awareness, getting unstuck

*  Stress—Removing strain and tension, increasing flexibility, supporting the ability to find calm and quiet, helping promote a restorative relationship with your body.